We create a better world by helping values-driven businesses to succeed.  

 WE DEFINE your Brand 

 We CRAFT your Strategy 

 Your business thrives 


 on your business identity

and vision 


in a way that's authentic and aligned with your values


 money and time on your marketing

You want to grow your values-centered business, but fear or uncertainty is making you feel stuck.

We guide you in defining your business’ unique vision and identity to empower you with clarity.

You feel more confident and know exactly what to say to your ideal customers,

which increases revenue and saves time.

Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.

You don't have control over what people say, but you do have control over what you're giving them to talk about. This includes everything from the written tone, colors, fonts, and images you use online and in print, to your social media posts, to your company values, to how you treat your clients.

Strong brands answer the questions

Who are you?

What do you do?

Why does it matter?

in clear, compelling ways.


Gina Purri

Founder & Coach

You're different, in a world that demands uniformity.

You see people struggling and being treated unfairly all around you and

you want to use your one and only life to help. 

You know you have a purpose, and unique talents, but you're not sure

how those combine in a way that generates income.

How do I know? Because I am you.


I started Cornerstone Brand Coaching to help ideals-driven entrepreneurs to succeed.

I've developed a holistic program to help business owners clarify their

authentic motivation, values, and offerings, so that they

might best reach the people who need what they love to give.

"Your vocation is where your greatest joy meets

the world's greatest need" - Frederick Buechner

Working with us Means you'll

Be Heard

Gain Clarity

Save Time and Money

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