At CBC, we believe that marketing is the effort to build human connection through storytelling. It is a tool that, like any tool, can be used for good or ill depending on the intention of the user. The type of marketing that the public is most familiar with has generally been used to manipulate people, to sell them things they didn’t need or to make products or situations seem better (or worse) than they actually were. These tactics have been employed by and benefited big corporations, which have metastasized into our present day monopolies. We see an unfilled need in the market, where the values-centered small entrepreneur wants people to know about what they offer but doesn’t want to engage in exploitative marketing tactics, or approaches that just “don’t sit right” with them. So, they do nothing, or they miss out on the leverage that a smart, honorable strategy can offer them, because they don’t know that there is another way.

We deeply admire entrepreneurs - having your own business demands that you grow into the best version of yourself, and people who have their own businesses put their time, effort, and money into creating something new that will ideally serve themselves as well as society in general. We especially admire small business owners for the benefit-rich alternative they offer to purchasing from huge corporations: money is kept in the community, the community is strengthened by the bonds created between the business and its customers, and there is one more person in the world who is making a living by sharing their unique gifts and strengths.


Gina Purri

Founder &

Head Coach

Thank you so much for exploring Cornerstone Brand Coaching.


I started this business because I love to inspire people towards their goals, and I value individuality and self-determination and want to increase their quantities in the world by helping small businesses to succeed.


I was also tired of limping through my jobs as an employee - like many movers and shakers, I don't work best when I'm working under someone else.


So, instead of continuing to force a round peg into a square opening, I stepped up into my entrepreneurial power. 


I look forward to helping you do the same.

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